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Registration Info

Registration for the 2020/2021 season is currently open. Please download the Registration Form and Player Agreement Form on the right and follow the submittal instructions. Please note the Registration process has changed along with the Registration Form and there are deadlines for submittal to be considered to remain on the same team that you played on during the 2019/2020 season.

Dues this year will be $520 cash/check or $545 credit card/PayPal. Returning players will be issued a $20 credit from last season.

There will be no refunds for any reason for the dues for this season.

New Season Info - Registration Rules

If you would like to play, you must contact us BEFORE you play. We will assign you to a team and let you know when your first game will take place. If we need to assess where you will be best placed, we may have you skate a half game for one team, and half game for the opposing team of that game.

At no time shall players who are not registered and assigned a team by the RNCHL be allowed to play in any games. Captains do not have the authority to approve new additions to rosters, only to accept the players as assigned by the RNCHL.

If you need to register after the original registration date, please send us a message and we will assign you to a team as soon as possible. Once you have been assigned to a team, you can deliver your registration form and payment to the Captain or score-keeper as you enter the ice to play.

This year we are also requiring that all players must be registered by November 30th to be eligible to play in our playoffs. If you register after November 30th, you can pay dues to play the remainder of the season but may not play in the playoffs. This will allow us to attempt to make our teams as even as possible for the playoffs, without having new players upset the balance of our teams late in the season.

Download Forms


Note: Please be aware that some player moves (or groups of players) may be required during the season to even the numbers of players per team, or even the skill levels on all teams.

Any player may be moved to another team at any time during the season.

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